The next 10 years will bring huge opportunities for the UK plastics recycling industry as the plastics value chain moves towards a circular economy. The BPF have released their Recycling Roadmap to show how the UK recycling industry could expand, greatly reducing the amount of plastic waste exported and increasing the amount of plstic waste recycled here in the UK.  The report features ReVentas and looks at how we deal with our waste today. The document highlights what the UK need to in order to reach targets by 2030, these are sumarised below:

  • Highlights what the UK needs to achieve if it is to drastically reduce reliance on exporting plastic waste for recycling.
  • With the right drivers in place, plastic recycled within UK facilities could increase 3.5 times by the year 2030.
  • The UK could eliminate reliance on low quality exports of plastic waste in the next ten years and could more than halve the amount of plastic waste being exported.
  • Plastic waste ending up in landfill sites could reduce to only 1%, representing a 94% reduction.
  • The amount of waste plastic processed by newer recycling technologies such as chemical recycling could grow 60 times.
  • The UK could recycle up to 65% of all plastic and 75% of plastic packaging by 2030.

The report suggests that new technologies will also need to expand and be developed to allow for the amount of plastic material needing to be processed, including the currently hard-to-recycle plastics – this is where ReVentas comes in. This focus will support the move to zero reliance on low-quality export to reverse the current dependence on export as an outlet for end-of-life plastics.

ReVentas, features in the Recycling Roadmap as part of the list of companies using advanced recycling technologies in the UK. We are one of the only two winners of last year’s a European Horizon 2020 grant programme to help fund the development our new technology. ReVentas is committed to delivering on the plastic promise of sustainable polymers, making plastics work for our society as well as for our environment.  Our groundbreaking and innovative technology can filter and purify Polyethylene and Polypropylene of all odours, colours and contaminants, without the need for further costly and environmentally unfriendly petrochemical processing, resulting in an ultra pure virgin-like plastic material.

You can view the full Recycling Roadmap document here or for more information, get in touch on +44 (0) 131 370 1600 /